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epiPancancer – multiple cancer blood test

Early Detection of Cancer Can Save Life and Prevent the Suffering and Cost of Treating Disease

Many cancers are detected late. And late detection of cancer results in increased morbidity and death. Current biomarkers lack sensitivity and specificity to detect cancer early. Available biomarkers and diagnostic methods are invasive; can’t be used for follow-up of healthy population.

Our scientists multiple cancer blood test, by investigating DNA methylation results from normal tissues, blood and cancer from thousands of people and used proprietary methods to discover methylation profiles that are categorically different between cancer, blood and normal tissues. We called this new method BCD: Binary Categorical Differentiation. The method identifies black and white differences between cancer and normal.


Biological Age Test

We all know about our chronological or calendar age.
But how old we really are?

Biological age compared to chronological measures how well or poorly our body is functioning relative to our chronological age.

People age at different rates. Some “look” and “feel” older than their chronological age while others look younger than their chronological age. Therefore, our biological age is better parameter of our health, well-being and life span than our chronological age.

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