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Detection Target: This kit is designed to identify and determine the presence of liver cancer (HCC), suitable for DNA methylation analysis in normal tissues, blood, and cancerous tissues.

Technology Overview:

  • Proprietary Technique: Our scientific team has utilized proprietary DNA methylation analysis methods to successfully identify methylation profiles that differentiate liver cancer, blood, and normal tissues.
  • Binary Categorical Differentiation (BCD) Method: The BCD technology precisely distinguishes significant differences between cancerous and normal tissues, especially excelling in the identification of liver cancer.

Test Components:

  • Detect: Confirms the presence of cancer.
  • Spec: Specifically identifies whether the detected cancer is liver cancer (HCC).

Use Cases:

  • Early cancer screening
  • Cancer diagnosis confirmation
  • Suitable for medical institutions and research centers

Contact Information:

  • For more product information or detailed pricing, please contact our customer service team through the following means.



  • Return policy

     • There is no refund once the products are sold.
    • The Epiaging test is not intended to be health information or medical data or to be used to screen, diagnose, treat, prevent or assess the risk of any disease or condition.
    • The epiaging service is an epigenetic age determination based on the assessment of DNA methylation in your DNA.
    • We are not collecting genetic data.
    • This service has not been cleared or approved by U. S. Food and Drug Administration.

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